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GRANDE is my creative dream coming true. A space to learn, try shit out, and develop myself as a creative. I mainly work on independent projects, but sometimes also collaborating with companies, artists, photographers and start-ups. 

GRANDE is an experimental studio. With no particular focus, we mix art, technology and design to create projects that start conversations with people.

The combination between urban intervention and digital scalability is what fascinates me the most. The vast majority of the projects you will see here I did along with very good friends, without any kind of financial support from any institution or company to plan, design or market it. 

Here are a few of our projects, I hope you enjoy.  To see it all check



Why everything has to be big?

Agencies and production companies often have very big and luxurious offices, and during the years those constructions have changed the city landscape, transforming small neighbourhoods into big gentrification areas. 

To launch GRANDE I decided to go small.

world's tiniest office is built into a hole in the wall in São Paulo

Not On App Store

Is there really an app for everything?

We talk so much about technology that we sometimes forget what's in front of us. The "Not Available on App Store" sticker came up as conversation starter, the plan was to stick it on everything that is not available on the App Store.

The project site sent out more than 10,000 stickers to more than 50 countries, we received photos, emails and letters from all over the globe.

Is there really an app for everything?


The beaches within us

In São Paulo, there's this saying that goes like: "Malls are the São Paulo beaches." It suggests that, since the city isn't located by the coast, people only hang out in shopping malls. I disagree.

finding beaches in the concrete jungle 


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